Kiosk with Ukrainian cuisine opens at NYC's Grand Central station
Photo: Veselka / Instagram

A kiosk with Ukrainian cuisine from the Veselka restaurant was opened at New York's Grand Central Terminal, the institution's Instagram page announced.

The menu traditionally includes borshch, cabbage rolls, dumplings and other Ukrainian dishes.

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By the end of 2023, there are plan to open another Veselka restaurant with a larger kitchen in Williamsburg. Its area will span over 5,000 square feet. After the new establishment opens, the East Village restaurant, which opened in 1954, will be closed for renovations, including a kitchen expansion.

Veselka restaurant in New York was founded in 1954 by two Ukrainian refugees Wolodymyr and Olha Darmochwal. It is still a family restaurant, currently managed by their grandson, Jason Birchard.