Chornobyl reserve unveils new online mapping portal providing in-depth insights into exclusion zone
Photo: Chornobyl Radiation-Ecological Biosphere Reserve

The Chornobyl Radiation-Ecological Biosphere Reserve has launched a geoportal with information on 38 years of activity of various departments on the territory of the exclusion zone: from research and education to accounting for land, forest and water resources, reported the Chornobyl Reserve.

On the geoinformation portal, you can find information about all areas of activity, including the nature protection structure of the exclusion zone.

"Here you will find a map of modern, anthropogenic landscapes of the territory, maps based on research materials of the '90s; and mapping of various types of flora and fauna, information about which was collected as part of scientific research projects and expeditions; meeting places of representatives of ornitofauna, listed in of the Red Book of Ukraine, geospatial materials from photo traps; it contains information about rare biotypes, plant groups, flora species that are included in the Red Book of Ukraine," the geoportal website reports.

Archeological sights, tourist routes, objects of the nature reserve fund, which are included in the boundaries of the reserve, are also marked on the site for tourists.