Italy pledges support to rebuild Odesa cathedral damaged in Russian missile attack
Photo: Reuters

Italian businesses and cultural institutions will take part in the restoration of Odesa's cultural heritage, namely the Transfiguration Cathedral, which was destroyed by the Russian army, reported the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy.

Italy, with its unique experience in the field of restoration, is ready to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukrainian cultural heritage.

In particular, the best Italian architects will be engaged in the restoration of the cathedral. The Milan Triennale and the National Museum of Rome will also join the project.

"We are very close to Ukraine, and Odesa is an important city for us. We want to take part in the protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine. The works we will carry out have economic and cultural aspects. Of course, the Italians know how to work with this," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Antonio Tajani.

Immediately after the Russian attack on Odesa, when a missile strike damaged the Transfiguration Cathedral and other buildings in the historic center of the southern Ukrainian city, Italy offered support and assistance. After all, Genoa is a sister city of Odesa, and the Transfiguration Cathedral was built in the 18th century. with the participation of Italian architects.

Overnight on July 22-23, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Odesa. As a result of the attack there were casualties among local residents and damage to civilian infrastructure.

During the enemy attack, the Air Force managed to shoot down 9 out of 19 Russian missiles of the invaders. Previously, the press secretary of the Air Force explained that in order to counter the Oniks missiles, it is necessary to destroy their launchers in Crimea  and the Kh-22 can only be intercepted by the most modern Western air defense systems.