Report: Women in Ukraine earn on average 19% less than nen
Photo: National Bank of Ukraine

The gender pay gap in Ukraine is 18.6%. This indicator is lower than the global one, but higher than in many EU countries, said Dmytro Lubinets, Commissioner for Human Rights.

The main reasons for this are "systematic discrimination and underestimation of women's work".

Lubinets noted that it is necessary to improve labor legislation, overcome stereotypes of employers, and increase the level of motivation of women so that the tendency to reduce the gender pay gap in Ukraine becomes stable and irreversible.

In particular, on Tuesday, during a speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, Olena Zelenska said that the Ukrainian government approved the National Strategy for overcoming the gender pay gap in Ukraine by 2030.

As the first lady noted, in Ukraine there are more women with higher education than men — 47% and 36%, respectively. However, wage inequality remains. In 2015, the gap was 26%, and in 2021 it has narrowed to 18%.